Small Carnivores
An adult Malay civet within a live-trap. The trap is covered by a black sheet in order to keep the animal calm.   Inserting a wooden plunger within a trap in order to restrain a captured Malay civet.  
Injecting an anaesthetic drug into a restrained Malay civet.   An anaesthetised Malay civet. The eyes are covered by a black mask to prevent any damage to the retinas from sunlight.  
Taking measurements and hair samples from an anaesthetised Malay civet and attaching a radio-collar around its neck.   A Malay civet with a radio-collar around its neck and coloured plastic ear-tags to aid identification.  
Examining the large scent glands of a Malay civet.   Returning an anaesthetised Malay civet to the trap to allow it to recover before being released.  
A fully recovered Malay civet being released safely back into the forest   Training Malaysian students and radio-tracking collared animals within the forest.  


Banner design by Lynne Cullen. Photo credits: Andy Jennings, Geraldine Veron, and Stefano Unterthiner.